Last year, only 11% of films were directed by women.

To help support the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, we teamed up with Melissa McCarthy, Dee Rees ("Mudbound") and Nancy Meyers
("The Intern") and created an integrated program that brought together the world's largest retailer and Hollywood's biggest night. 

TIME Magazine
New York Times

Making of the 2018 Walmart campaign "The Box"

-Directed by Dee Rees, the first African-American woman to be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. 
-Starring Mary J. Blige, the first woman to receive two Oscar nominations in the same year.
-Filmed by Rachel Morrison, the first female cinematographer ever nominated for an Oscar.

-Directed by Melissa McCarthy, Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actress.
-Starring Tony Award-nominated actress Keala Settle.

-Directed by Nancy Meyers, Oscar nominee for Best Original Screenplay.
-Starring Oscar-winning composer, Hans Zimmer. 

As part of the platform, four emerging female filmmakers will receive funding to create, produce
and distribute their short films. We surprised the first winner, Tracey Aivaz, live on the red carpet. 
Watch it happen here.

Leading up to the Oscars, we teased the three films across multiple social media channels.

"The Box" Sci-Fi Teaser - Directed By Dee Rees

"The Box" Suspense Teaser - Directed By Melissa McCarthy

"The Box" Comedy Teaser - Directed By Nancy Meyers

live-learn-get-luvs copy.png

Luvs isn't the most expensive diaper brand, but it is the brand most 2nd Time Moms choose. So what else do they do smarter? The campaign is now in its 4th year and continues to unite moms around their differences.


In the first year of the campaign, we tackled such touchy subjects as breastfeeding in public, anal thermometers, and what amount of diaper bag packing is actually necessary. "Breastfeeding" amassed over 2 million views on Youtube, and sparked conversation across the interwebs:


Brooklyn had a problem. Sleep-challenged babies, but no cars to drive them to sleep in. So LUVS Diapers was there to help with their #LullabyLift Sleep Utility Vehicles, proving that Luvs with Nightlock wasn't the only innovative solution they could come up with to get children to sleep through the night.


The Diamond Trading Company needed to connect to their audience in a way that proved love knows no distances, and to do so we issued a challenge: would you drop everything for love? And if they said yes, we made that a reality.


In 2008, we created an installation of living roses spelling out the meaning of temporary as the dying roses left the message of, a diamond is forever.


The brutal regime in Burma was holding elections for the first time in decades, but Human Rights Watch wanted to show how meaningless that is if an untold number of political prisoners were still behind bars. Through an interactive display in Grand Central Station and on the web, asked people to sign a petition, and literally take down the bars. 

Now many years later, Burma once again has found itself in a humanitarian crisis.


As Creative Director on Stride Gum, we brought a number of 360 campaigns to life including original Stride, Stride Spark, and Stride 2.0 - featuring pro snowboarder Shaun White and pro skateboarder Clint Peterson.

BE RIDICULOUSLY LONG LASTING created a participation program, working with Record Setter to bring to life the Stride Office's own Long Lasting Records, which we then asked our audience to beat. Which they did. Handily.

A D&AD awarded interactive video challenged users to make the longest lasting click. The winner? 45 mins.

To encourage people to upgrade to new Stride 2.0 - we offered our Facebook audience to get a free sample, and then followed up with a little surprise.


JetBlue wanted to continue it's tradition of connecting with flyers in non-traditional ways, so to showcase the differences between them and The Other Guys, we created a collection of accessories that would come in handy when flying with the competition. 

Additionally, through banners we presented their positive attributes like legroom, using the actual legroom as a stage.


Walmart came to us to help tell the story of how they're investing $250 Billion into American Manufacturing on the world's stage - the 2014 Olympics. We told the story through the lens of the factory and its workers with the message that "work is a beautiful thing."


"Working Man" by Rush

"Dream On" by Aerosmith

This animated webfilm helped tell the full story of Walmart's commitment to American Jobs as well as a full page print ad we developed for "Super Bowl Monday."


Miller64 was rebranding and trying to reach a different audience, the guys that drink AND work out, but don't LIVE for either. And we did so in song.

Consumers loved the campaign so much that we brought it back a second year.


Miller Time is all about brotherhood, and stepping up when the extraordinary is sometimes expected of you. That's when you need the right men in your corner.

Screenshot 2017-01-23 13.02.53.png

The U.S. Digital Service is a first of its kind, civilian service charged with the modernization of essential government programs like the ACA or Veteran's Affairs. Recruiting the best and the brightest from Silicon Valley to give up their start-up salaries, relocate to D.C., and take a job where they'll be embedded within some of the most entrenched bureaucracy imaginable, isn't an easy sell. 

Using the words of one of the founders of Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs, we decided to tell the story of a person joining that service, and seeing that their entrepreneurial spirit is the same that led America's Founding Fathers to start an experiment in democracy.

What do you think of the Post Office? Exactly.

Now think again.

Crocs questioned the value of their brands ubiquitous clogs, until we showed them how their iconic shape could become the very destination their customers yearned for. 

This relaunched campaign lives across TV, OOH, and retail.

Capri Sun is the only kid's drink that comes in such a mind-bendingly awesome silver pouch, that kids think its cool, and mom's think is great.


Charter Cable brings you a lot more of the content you love, so it only makes sense that it has an effect on their subscribers. What will MORE do to you?

Charter was anxious to tell more stories of their customers transformation - what happens when you have more?  

More channels, unlimited calling, faster download - so we told the story of a dad who learned to dance, and a girl who used her newfound knowledge Maori Warrior culture to turn the tables on her debate nemisis.


Microsoft had a challenge - communicating to the C Suite of the world's largest organizations with a B2B campaign that could actually made people pay attention. We answered their ask with a surprising solution.


Microsoft's Cortana continues her verbal assault on Siri, in this match up of Lumia v iPhone.


Smirnoff is the world's number 1 vodka, and everyone has their own way of enjoying it. To connect the world's nightlife - we had a cultural exchange program of music, dress, and drinks that all took place on one night. 


Tide wanted to continue the pop art bright colors of the Tide Pods original campaign, so we created a surrealist environment in a washing machine - and took the viewer on a ride - alongside their favorite dress.