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Walmart + Oscars

Walmart + The Oscars - "The Box" Short Films
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The 90th Oscars! For a student of film, a flash animator of movie websites, and someone who’s old enough to have bought tickets to see movies in an actual theater, this was a big deal. Between the blockbuster :60 films from Dee Rees, Melissa McCarthy, and Nancy Meyers, as well as social spots teasing the big night, we amplified conversation around Walmart’s key differentiator from Amazon, free two-day shipping without a membership.


Last year, only 11% of films were directed by women.

To help support the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, we teamed up with Melissa McCarthy, Dee Rees ("Mudbound") and Nancy Meyers ("The Intern") and created an integrated program that brought together the world's largest retailer and Hollywood's biggest night.

TIME Magazine
New York Times

Directed by Dee Rees - Starring Mary J. Blige and the first casual lesbians in a Walmart ad. No big whoop.

Directed by Melissa McCarthy

Directed by Nancy Meyers

Making of the 2018 Walmart campaign "The Box"

Leading up to the Oscars, we teased the three films across multiple social media channels.

"The Box" Sci-Fi Teaser

"The Box" Suspense Teaser

"The Box" Comedy Teaser