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Walmart - Work Is a Beautiful Thing

Walmart - Work Is a Beautiful Thing
TV, Social, PR

Walmart was investing $250 Billion into American Manufacturing. They opened the pitch to new agencies and everyone freaked out. Our "Work is a Beautiful Thing" campaign was shot in small-town Walmart factories, profiled real local workers, and went live on a world stage - the Olympics. But more importantly for Saatchi, it opened the door to a FLOOD of new Walmart projects that found them taking over retail marketing within a year.

"I Am A Factory" voiced by Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs)
Dir. by Simon Ratigan (HLA)

“Beautiful” - Lyle Lovett covers Bob Dylan
DIr. by Simon Ratigan (HLA)

“Meet Patrick” - Short Film
Dir. by Phillip Montgomery

Animated by BUCK

This animated webfilm helped tell the full story of Walmart's commitment to American Jobs as well as a full page print ad we developed for "Super Bowl Monday."