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Stride Gum

Stride - The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum
TV, Social, Digital

As a newly-minted Creative Director on Stride Gum, I brought a number of 360 campaigns to life including original Stride, Stride Spark, and Stride 2.0 - featuring pro snowboarder Shaun White and pro skateboarder Clint Peterson.

Stride 2.0 with Shaun White
Dir. by The Hoffman Brothers (Harvest)

Urn - 30
Dir. by Michael Downing

The unlikely story of a widow coming to terms with the death of her husband, but not Stride’s flavor.

Stride Spark - Ram Part Deux
Dir. by: Jack Cole (Chelsea Pictures)

To encourage people to upgrade to new Stride 2.0 - we offered our Facebook audience to get a free sample, and then followed up with a little surprise.