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Miller64 - Love, Sweat, and Beers
TV, Print, Digital

I’m a song-writer first, a beer-lover second, and at a distant, DISTANT, 3rd, I’ve been to a gym before. So when Miller64 was reintroducing itself to consumers as a part of a lifestyle alternative to shotgunning Bud Heavy, we responded by writing at least 64,000 Irish-tinged, sea-shanties celebrating a life of balance. A shark-diving trip was considered market-research.

“Living The Dream” - 60
Dir. Tim Godsall (Biscuit)

“Little Extra” - 30
Dir. Tim Godsall (Biscuit)

“Run” - 30
Dir. Tim Godsall (Biscuit)

“64 Calories of Beer In a Can” - 30
Dir. by Paul Middleditch (White Label)

“Swing Away” - 30
Dir. by Paul Middleditch (White Label)

“Second Wind” - 30
Dir. by Paul Middleditch (White Label)

Miller64 rebrand from M64 Genuine Draft
Beyond the healthy drinking songs celebrating a life of balance, we created an entire world of design, OOH, and Print which lifted brand recognition and turned Miller64 into a rallying cry for Miller.

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