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A Diamond Is Forever - Roses

A Diamond Is Forever - Roses
Experiential, Digital

Say you’re put into the room with Kash Sree, Walt Connelly, Rob Omadiagbe, Lisa Topol, and about 5 other envy-inducing, creative problem-solvers and asked to make diamonds seem superior to other Valentine’s Day gifts. Then one of them suggests using over 25,000 living (and then not-so-living) roses, we created a billboard at Grand Central Station that spelled out the message, "A Diamond is Forever.”

“What about online?” Naturally, you suggest streaming the entire 2 week event live (before live streaming is really a thing), and creating customizable ecards with 3d living/dying roses. Then you get to work.

Timeless Case Study

A website allowed users to send their own living/dying message.