The Diamond Trading Company needed to connect to their audience in a way that proved love knows no distances, and to do so we issued a challenge: would you drop everything for love? And if they said yes, we made that a reality.


In 2008, we created an installation of living roses spelling out the meaning of temporary as the dying roses left the message of, a diamond is forever.



The brutal regime in Burma was holding elections for the first time in decades, but Human Rights Watch wanted to show how meaningless that is if an untold number of political prisoners were still behind bars. Through an interactive display in Grand Central Station and on the web, asked people to sign a petition, and literally take down the bars. 



As Creative Director on Stride Gum, we brought a number of 360 campaigns to life including Stride 2.0, Stride Spark, and original Stride.

As a longer term participation program, we partnered with Record Setter to bring to life the Stride Office's own Long Lasting Records, which we then asked our audience to beat. Which they did. Handily.

A banner ad asked for the World's Longest Lasting click. The winner? 45 minutes.

To encourage people to upgrade to new Stride 2.0 - we offered our Facebook audience to get a free sample, and then followed up with a little surprise.



Microsoft had a challenge - communicating to the C Suite of the world's largest organizations with a B2B campaign that could actually made people pay attention. We answered their ask with a surprising solution.



Smirnoff is the world's number 1 vodka, and everyone has their own way of enjoying it. To connect the world's nightlife - we had a cultural exchange program of music, dress, and drinks that all took place on one night. 



JetBlue wanted to continue it's tradition of connecting with flyers in non-traditional ways, so to showcase the differences between them and The Other Guys, we created a collection of accessories that would come in handy when flying with the competition. 

Additionally, through banners we presented their positive attributes like legroom, using the actual legroom as a stage.